Unveiling Wild Brook Barn: A Visionary Project for Biodiversity and Sustainability

Unveiling Wild Brook Barn: A Visionary Project for Biodiversity and Sustainability

We are thrilled to unveil the conceptual designs for Wild Brook Barn, an innovative project aimed at enhancing biodiversity and sustainability. Utilising a detailed 3D render, we have brought our plan and vision to life, showcasing our commitment to a greener future.

Wild Brook Barn embraces the national Biodiversity Net Gain policy, integrating features that harmonise with the natural environment. Our design includes natural pools surrounded by aquatic plants and a variety of native tree species. These elements are carefully selected to enrich the landscape and provide vital habitats for local wildlife, fostering a thriving ecosystem.

With the recent introduction of the national Biodiversity Net Gain planning policy, we are committed to creating a truly biodiverse dwelling and gardens that complement this policy rather than oppose it. Biodiversity can help communities adapt to climate change by increasing resilience to extreme weather conditions and improving air and water quality. The Biodiversity Net Gain policy aids in mitigating climate change through the restoration and protection of nature.

To increase biodiversity, we have incorporated a natural pool surrounded by aquatic filtration plants and oxygenator species. This pool forms a central focus of the house, creating a harmonious connection with nature and providing shelter. The house will be surrounded by native tree species and wildflower meadow grasses, establishing specific habitats for morning, midday, and afternoon. The building itself is predominantly single-storey and clad in black timber, allowing it to blend seamlessly with the wooded backdrop and surrounding landscape.

Follow us as this project develops.

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