Our Approach

We are a design led practice with a keen knowledge of materials, passive design principles and sustainability at the core of everything we design. We work closely with our clients to bring their ideas to life while complementing them with creative solutions for design and construction. We work in a range of 2D and 3D and help to visualise the designs and ideas. In the early stages of design it is key to establish main principles for the site and buildings. We look at orientation, site context, views, locations for possible renewables and other site specific elements. This sets a good starting point for designs, which then progress by integrating these elements into our clients brief.
We have undertaken many different projects and construction methods from SIPS and CLT panel design to full off-site modular construction, steel frame and masonry solutions. We work closely with engineering specialists and have a proven track record for delivering well designed creative projects.

Design Approach

We work closely with our clients to create high quality, sustainable, material conscious design. Our approach to design begins with a friendly discussion, developing the brief and looking at creative ideas, materials and constrains of the site. We are innovative and creative with proposals which help to develop progressive designs and ideas for our clients.

Innovative Solutions

We have extensive knowledge of the planning constraints and building regulations which help to drive positive results for our projects and clients. We create, design and build projects which means we have extensive knowledge when it comes to detailed design and construction, as well as a creative edge to develop innovative solutions for tricky and constrained sites.

Project Management

We work as a team with both our clients, and consultants (where required) and help to lead a project forward on time and to a budget. 



As an RIBA Chartered practice we cover all elements of architectural design from inception to completion on a wide range of projects and scales. With projects throughout Sussex and the South East of England.

Recent projects’ include private residential dwellings, mid-scale housing developments, commercial, light-industrial and community buildings. These projects’ have been for a range of clients’ including; private residential, small developers, large developers, local authorities and community led.

We have an in-depth working knowledge of the planning, building control and detailed design phases of a project. And have many years of experience administering contracts’ for on-site projects.

Design Work Stages

Feasibility Study (RIBA Work Stage 0/1)
The feasibility study looks into the viability of the project, size, massing, materials, general layout and importantly any constraints. We give options on the early stage design and work closely with clients to produce designs and material studies that suit their needs and budgets. This is one of the most important stages as it sets the ideas for the project in motion and starts to bring to life concepts and client aspirations.
Planning Stage (RIBA Work Stage 2/3)
Following on from the feasibility and any pre-application advice give from the planning department, we start to develop the project further. The planning design stage draws on the ideas of the feasibility study and starts to bring the final designs together for a planning application. We work up any documents and specifics require by the planning department including OS plans and Design and Access Statements. The whole package is brought together for the planning application and submitted to the local authority.
Building Regulations (RIBA Work Stage 4a)
Once planning has been granted we start of the building regulations drawings. These look at the construction method for the building, the thermal capacity of the walls and the specification of any windows/doors. We also look into the method for heating the property and any services and electrical installations. All the drawings and information are brought together for the building regulations submission to the local authority or approved inspectors. Generally the distinction between plantain and building regulations is; planning stage is ‘what the building looks like’, and the building regulations stage is ‘what it made from’. 
Detailed Design (RIBA Work Stage 4b)
The detailed design stage is where floor finishes, bathroom layout and 1:5 scaled detailing is undertaken. The ’nuts and bolts’ of the building design are considered at this stage along with any joinery and material finishes. This will for a body of information comprising of the building regulations drawings and the detailed design drawings for tender i.e information to send out to contractors to price. 
Tender (RIBA Work Stage 4c)
The tender work stage is where the information above gets categorised and issued to contractors for a competitive tender process. Once the contractors have priced the works a tender analysis is completed and an appropriate contractor is chosen to undertake the works on site. Building contracts are are also implemented for the site works.
Construction (RIBA Work Stage 5/6)
The designs are take on site by the main contractor and we administer the contract between client and contractor. We regularly attend site and inspect the works. At the end of the project Practical Completion is issued and the contractor hands over the keys to the client.
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