The Quarry, Scotland

The site is nestled in between pine trees and on the opposite side of the hill it faced a magnificent view of Ben Cruachan. The design optimises the elevated position on the slope to maximise views over the valley and of the mountain. The large windows give framed views of the pines and the pitched roof extends to the east to form a covered terrace. The large deck makes the most of the views and is also used to form a car port below.


New Build




95 m2
quarry house design

Natural, locally sourced, timber boards will clad the house and weather into the pine covered hill. The rich warm interior of the dwelling will be centred around a large woodturning stove with window and views either side into the pines, and towards Ben Cruachan.

Photo Credits: Simon Berger / Yehor Tulinov / Sarah Worth / Marina Reich

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