We were approached by our clients to design a new contemporary, low-energy dwelling to utilise the existing foundations and sit on the footprint of the existing house. Our aim was to achieve the highest possible quality of spaces and home environment for contemporary living as appropriate to the surrounding architecture and environment. 

With an amazing view north east over the flood planes of Lewes and Offham the existing chalet bungalow did not make the most of the site and location. The existing dwelling had been altered many times and the rooms were extremely compromised with very small windows. The existing dwelling was very energy hungry and in need of much renovation.



Low Energy Eco House


Design Phase


216 m2


Designed to bring greater use of the external amenity spaces around the house this includes new improved surfaces and terrace spaces. The north east elevation glazing, at first and ground floor, are set to optimise views and light for the occupants while keeping a level of privacy due to the elevated and set back nature of the site. Alterations to the garage will form a gym with additional views. 

This is a family home that overlooks spectacular views. It is designed with high quality materials and finishes that both complement and respect the existing landscape, while creating a striking contemporary, low-energy house. We wanted to create a healthy home environment with great design emphasis on improving various sustainability performances of the home and energy efficiency throughout.

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